Breakfast Club/ After School Club


Both these facilities are non-profit making and designed to provide before and after school care for those families who need extended hours.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast club is open from 7.45am. Children should enter school via the main entrance and will be taken down to the school hall.
Priced at £2 per day, this facility provides a health and hearty start to the day- with a wide choice of breakfasts available: toast, fruit, cereal, yoghurts, sausage and bacon rolls (certain days only).

In addition to providing a good start to the day, children learn social skills and have the opportunity to play co-operatively with a wide variety of toys and games.

There is no need to book in advance but we do require a consent/ registration so that we can ensure we are aware of any dietary needs.

Forms for breakfast club can be collected from the school office or click to download a breakfast club consent.

breakfast trolley is also available before school. This sells water, fruit and raisins.

The breakfast trolley’s aim is to provide children with a good start to the day.  We appreciate that the mornings can be difficult for some children, time is precious and there are times when children may skip or rush their breakfast. Children can also save their purchases until break times and have as a snack.

Tea time Club

Available from 3.30pm to 5.00pm, tea time club provides after school care, a drink and a biscuit/ snack and an activity.
The cost of using this facility is £3.50.

To ensure adequate staffing it is essential that sessions are booked and paid for by the Friday of the previous week.

Forms for tea time club can be collected from the school office.