The publication of the new National Curriculum determined that, by September 2014, schools were required to carry out a review of the curriculum that they provide for their children in key stages 1 and 2 and design a new curriculum to meet the requirements of the new document. The Early Years curriculum remained the same.

At Dallimore we used an INSET day in early 2014 to carry out a full review of our current curriculum and plan a new curriculum to be implemented in September 2014.

As we have mixed classes (eg year 3 children in a class with year 4 children) it was decided that we needed to retain a 2 year rolling program of topics and areas to be covered. This means that children do not repeat topics year after year.

For 2014 to 2015 we followed Cycle1 of the program with Cycle 2 running throughout 2015 to 2016 etc….

In addition to the planned cycle we also run themed weeks and days. These include ‘Book week’, ‘Science week’, ‘Festivals week’, ‘Local History week’, ‘Maths day’ etc …. These provide children with varied and sustained periods of study and often involve visitors coming into school or trips out.

We will continue to review the curriculum to ensure that we are not only providing a range of activities and learning experiences but also to ensure the topics and areas covered are relevant to current world events. This is due to be reviewed throughout the 2017-18 academic year and we will update this section as necessary.

In addition to our main curriculum we use several schemes and resources to assist teachers with the planning and delivery of the specific areas of the curriculum. For example in Reception and Key Stage 1 staff use ‘Letters and Sounds’ as a basis for the planning and teaching of phonics with added resources such as ‘Action Words’ and ‘Song of Sounds’ for activities and resources.

Government curriculum download.
Dallimore curriculum download.
Foundation Unit curriculum download.