Ruby the Dallimore Dog

Meet Ruby- she is 5 years old and has been coming into Dallimore since she was just a puppy

In 2016, the school governors agreed that we could have a dog to support children with their social and emotional well-being.
The risks of having a dog on site have been carefully thought out and we are confident that with careful and consistent management that this can be a successful and very safe initiative.

Children in year 6 can request to be ‘Ruby Walkers’ and this involves taking some responsibility for the safe handling and well being of Ruby but also ensuring that other children in school feel safe around her. Ruby is kept under close supervision at all time.

We are lucky to have a fabulous field where Ruby can run around and chase the ball but sometimes groups of children (and an adult) will take Ruby around Pioneer Meadows, our local nature reserve.

Below there are two documents:
The rationale behind the initiative / policy
Risk Assessment

If you have any concerns or worries about this please do not hesitate to contact school and we will be pleased to discuss these.