You, Your Child and School

Please click on a policy to download it. Hard copies are available on request from the office.

admissions policy Mar 15
Antibully policy April 15
Kids bullying policy
Attendance Policy Dallimore July 2016
Avoidance of Disability Discrimination Act September 17

community cohesion June 17
Complaints procedure

Data Protection march 17
Dinner Money Policy May 17
Dog on Site rationale and policy
Dog on site Risk Assessment
Drugs Policy October 2015

Equality Information and Objectives Dec 17
Early Years Foundation Stage Policy Nov 2017
E – safety Nov 2017

Freedom_of_Information-Feb 17
Food policy jan 2016

Gifted and talented June 2016
Good Behaviour for Learning Policy Nov 17

Homework policy March 17

lettings policy Sept 2017

Medical-Medicines Policy March 2017
Marking policy July 2016

Privacy Notice – Feb 17
Positive Behaviour Management and Physical Intervention Policy 2016

Racism policy June 2015

School Travel Policy STARS June 17
Sex & Relationship policy Dec 2015
Separated Parents Policy -September 2017
SEND policy January 17
Teaching and learning July 2016