You, Your Child and School

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Administration of Medicines & Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy March 2022*NEW*

Admissions policy May 2021

Accessibility Plan Jan 21 – 3yrly

Anti-bullying Policy Feb 22*NEW*

Anti-bullying policy – For children by Children*NEW*

Assessment July 2021

Attendance Policy July 2021

Charges and Remissions Policy Jan 22*NEW*

Child missing in School Policy July 2020
Community cohesion May 18

Complaints procedure Policy May 2020

Confidentiality and Handling Sensitive Issues for Pupils Oct 19

Dinner Money Policy Jan 22*NEW*

Dog on Premises Policy May 19

Drugs education – schools guidance policy and incident management*NEW*

Early Years Policy Dec 2020

Equality Policy – Whole School Oct 2021

Equality Information and Objectives Oct 21

E-Safety Nov 18

Extended Services Debt Policy Jan 22*NEW*

External Contributors Procedure May 2021

Food Policy Jan 2022*NEW*

Good Behaviour for Learning Policy July 2021

Homework policy March 22*NEW*

Intimate Care Policy March 2021

Jewellery Policy Nov 2019

Lettings Policy Jan 2022*NEW*

Marking and feedback policy July 2021

Online safety with Forms Appendices March 2022*NEW*

Positive behaviour managament and physical intervention May 19

Avoidance of Racism Policy June 2021

Remote Learning Policy Nov 2021*NEW*

Sex and Relationship Policy Jan 22*NEW*
Separated Parents Policy -November 2021*NEW*
SEND Policy October 2021
Sun Safety May 2018

Travel Policy June 18

Teaching and learning policy July 2021