Teaching of Maths

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Maths at Dallimore is taught based upon the principles of the mastery approach. Teachers believe that all children are capable of succeeding in maths and promote a growth mindset amongst the children. 

Whole class sessions are used to ensure that all children have the opportunity to access and make progress within their year group objectives. Children are not rushed on to the following year group’s objectives if they are succeeding but are encouraged to go deeper with their learning.

The maths curriculum is structured and based on the White Rose Maths scheme of learning. In each lesson, children are encouraged to not only develop their fluency, but tackle a range of challenging reasoning and problem-solving questions.

At the start of each lesson, children access Flashback 4s; they tackle at least 4 questions that are based on the principles of retrieval practice and are used to support children’s retention of concepts and strengthen their memory. They also allow teachers to focus on children who may have struggled with a concept.   

In KS2, maths is split into two sessions daily. Firstly, arithmetic sessions take place at the start of the day in order to develop and promote a range of key arithmetic skills before the maths lesson focuses on one small step in learning.