Admission to Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery)

At Dallimore we offer places to children in the term following their third birthday. All places are offered for 15 hours per week over 5 mornings or 5 afternoons, when places are allocated ensuring that there is always a good mix of boys and girls in both sessions. Admission to Nursery is managed by school and it is therefore important that children’s names are known to staff in school. As part of the admission process home visits are offered and also a series of stay and play sessions.

Admission to Foundation Stage 2 (Reception)

Admission to Reception is managed by Derbyshire County Council on generic admission forms. This can be done electronically or by post. Parents are notified by email or letter on the decision.

Admission at other ages

We believe that this school should serve its community. Children applying for a place at Dallimore will be given a place if there are fewer pupils in the year group than our admission number (currently 45). All parents should apply via the Local Authority , they in turn contact the school to confirm whether there are any vacancies, the Local Authority then contact parents/carers to confirm whether or not their child/ren has been allocated a place.

Reviewed – March 2015 Review date – March 2018

If you wish to apply for a place please click on the link below:

Apply for a place